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Power Cool Systems has the only GM OEM validated radiator core.

Every Power Cool Radiator uses a USG OEM radiator core to meet the highest performance and durability standards.  USG is continually designing new Radiators and a variety of heat exchangers to meet an ever-increasing horsepower and durability requirement. Power Cool is the exclusive partner with USG and will continue to bring these high-performance products to you.

To meet the aggressive performance targets on the 2018-2019 Corvette Z06, USG started development of its 52mm 3 chamber tube in 2016.  This tube combines strength and high performance while maintaining a balance with respect to a pressure drop across the core. This combined with the low fin design puts Power Cool Systems radiators at the top of the performance curve and your best choice for your LS/ST engine project.

The combinations of these 2 breakthrough design technologies along with our OEM Manufacturing Process Production Plant makes Power Cool Systems radiators

“The Best Radiators on the Market”

Heat Transfer Performance against water flow rate at 150 l/min water flow

Data based on actual testing of the same size (medium) radiators of all three samples.

Heat Transfer Performance against air flow rate at 6.7 M/s air flow

Data based on actual testing of the same size (medium) radiators of all three samples.

USG 52mm Core

Dual 1″ Core

Dual 1″ Core Ballooned

Pressure Testing

Power Cool Systems 3 chamber 52mm tube not only drastically improves heat transfer over the conventional 2 row 26mm tube technology it also improves the burst pressure of the radiator core.

The three 17mm chambers in the core increase the surface area which creates more turbulence flow and strengthens the tube well beyond the capability of a 26mm tube.

That is why all Power Cool Systems radiators are produced using multi-chamber radiators tubes.

Radiator Core Brazing Facility

Power Cool Systems Market approach is to offer its customers OEM Cooling Systems for their retro build vehicles.

That is why all Power Cool Cores are the only Chevy Performance Licensed Radiator manufactured in an OEM Radiator Plant that suppliers Ford and GM.

All the core designs have passed the stringent OEM standards which guarantees that you get an OEM Quality radiator with every Power Cool Systems you purchase.