Custom Radiator Inquiry

Starting the custom radiator process can be very simple, but we do need some basic information from you. Please fill out the “Custom Radiator” template very carefully and include as much information as possible. Once complete, simply click send and the info will be sent to our sales department. If possible, please attached any photographs from your smartphone and/or hand sketches to the custom form. These are great tools to use and can be very helpful when starting the process of building your custom radiator.

When measuring there are some key measurements that we will need. Be sure to measure your current radiator and your available space. Width, length, thickness, and the distance from your fan, water pump, etc. are all important measurement that are needed.

Please use the note section of the form for any details or information that may be needed to design your custom project.

Once we receive your project information, we will look over the details and make notes or a list of questions that we may have. We will then contact you either by phone or email you to discuss your project in detail to ensure accuracy and any items that may be of note. So, please contact us for your next project.

Power Cool custom radiators are hand fabricated using only the highest quality furnace brazed cores. These cores are produced by our parent company, Tube Right, Inc. (TWI), who are OEM suppliers to vehicle manufacturers including GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Daimler.


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