In the fall of 2016 United Systems Group was asked to develop a new enhanced radiator for the Corvette Z06. After a couple of design proposals, USG successfully developed the 52mm 3 chamber radiator that met the aggressive performance targets set by the Corvette Team.

In 2017 the new radiator design went through the validation test process and passed all validation requirements in Nov of 2017. In Jan 2018 USG started supplying the production radiators for the Corvette Z06.

In 2018 Power Cool Systems teamed up with USG to supply the only GM Validated Radiator Core for all LS/LT Crate Engine Applications. By mid-2018 the 3 chamber 52mm radiator became the only Chevy Performance Parts Official Licensed Product for cooling your LS/LT Crate Engine Application.

2019 Power Cool Systems Program

Power Cool Systems is proud to be the only Chevy Performance Parts Licensed Radiator in the Market. This endorsement by the Chevy Performance Parts Division confirms the OEM level of design, validation, and quality that comes with every Power Cool Systems Radiator you purchase.

Power Cool Systems radiator cores are the only 52mm 3 Chamber Cores that are made in a GM OEM approved production assembly plant. All Power Cool Radiators are fabricated in the USA.

Starting in 2019 Power Cool Systems radiators that are perfectly matched to cool your LS/LT Crate Engine can be purchased from your Chevy Performance Parts Dealers.

Chevy Performance Dealer Network

Power Cool System Radiators with our OEM roots offer our products through the Chevy Performance Parts Dealer Network. You can add your Radiator Cooling Package to the “Connect and Cruise” Package that is available with your Crate Engine. This will ensure your Restoration Project has a GM Validated OEM quality cooling system matched perfectly for your LS/LT Crate Engine.

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